3 EZ STEPZ: How 2 Handle FLakesz and Flakey Flakerz in da ERA of da TEXT MESSAGE attention whorez zlzlzozozz

dis is from hearteites blog on FLAKEY FLAKE ERA WE LIVEZ IN where everyone flakes zlzozozoozoz while da gbfm sits at home and waits for da chcix who cflaked flaked on your asssss lzozozzolzolzol:::


how 2 counter da flakey flakesz in THREE EZ STEPZ

1. 9 PM: da gbfm sends out a mass text 2 all my ladies:

“lotsa cocksa 4 u lzozlzlz.”

da gbfm then gets back dozens of messages:




2. da gbfm waits and hour and sends out to everyone again:

10 PM: “srry wrng #”

da gbfm then gets back lotsa texts

too bad
u got my hopes up
damn you

ur loss

3. da gbfm then waits ’til midnight and texts to everyone:

12 Midnightz: my place 30 min.

den da gbfm sits back and watches the parade arriving on his door camera monitor while he watches da espn highlights and reads homer’s odyssey. ding-dog ding-dong they ring da gbfm bell one by one hoping to touch da gbfm’s ding-dong zlzozozzozololzollzo but if they are under an 8 da gbfm just ignorez & reads his boookz zlzozoolzz

at 1 am a hot hottie shows up and da gbfm hits the buzzer and lets her up.

da gbfm saves lotsas times and money while the betas liquor her up at the bars and da gbfm gets to hang out with homer instaead of goldidggers and douchetard boobie-men manboobz at all the clubs these days lzlzllzlzl

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do nottry this on your own as da GBFM needz you out there buying them drinkz all night and getting them dinnerz as i don’t want no hos eating my puizzaaa and heinekinz beerz!!!!  we all have our part in this so please please respect yo!!!!! lzozolzolozzzz

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