why are men losing? why is marriage failing? why are more and more children being born out of wedlock? because all this makes dalrock “happy.”

the first thing you note about dalrock’s blog is that he is “happy.” oprah-happy.  joel olsteen “happy.”  every day is a friday “happy.” even though millions of children are being aborted and the family is declining and more and more children are growing up without fathers, dalrock is “happy” “happy” happy.” and too, dalrockaksz frankfartian […]

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why/how did feminism succeed? because dalrock, vox and their flock of frankfartian fanboysz want it to.

why/how did feminism succeed?  because dalrock, vox and their flock of frankfartian fanboysz want it to. why is the family collapsing while out-of-wedlock births are soaring? because instead of exalting the churches, schools, and courts with the Law of Moses and the Spirit of Jesus, Dalrock and Vox are telling men they need game–they need […]

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omg social media is so coooooool!!!! twitter, myspace, and facebook are all losing money but lzozlzl that is what socialist media is designed to d0–commodify the individual and augment debt lozzlzl as mark zuckerberg gets lottsa valuations! ben bernanke was time magazine’s person of the year because he has created more debt than any man ever. and neocon charlotte allen exalted tucker max’s fiat PR lies about his height and succeth in teh pages of the weekly standard because to teh noecons sectrive tapings of butthex without the girl;s conthent like tucker publishes and profits off of = god & good lzozlzzlzlzllolzllll




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